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Find out what advertisers and publishers are leveraging

Everyone's talking about programmatic mobile advertising these days. Find out what advertisers and publishers are doing and how you could make the most of it. 

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  native ad monetization  
  How Top Apps Use Native Ads to Increase ROI  
  Learn from apps that have succeeded with native ad monetization, growing user engagement and revenue. Native ads not only mimic the form of the publisher's app, but also the function. Learn more.
  The rise of ad blocking tech  
  Blockergeddon - Thriving in the New Ad Blocking World  
  Does the rise of ad blocking tech spell doom for ad monetization? InMobi co-founder Amit Gupta busts some myths and gives a few handy suggestions for publishers. Read more.   
  InMobi at GDC 2016  
  Getting Chosen by the Greatest Gaming Publishers  

InMobi recently hosted a panel at GDC16, with some of the top gaming publishers in the world as guest panelists. We asked them all one single question - What does it take to get published under a big publisher? Read more

  Developer Survey  
  Find Out How You Compare to Other Developers  

Take this 15 minute survey from our friends at Vision Mobile to find out how you compare to other developers in your country based on programming language, dev tools used, or type of software. Take me there. 

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