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Engagement Automation

As part of inDecode, an initiative to help mobile app developers decode and grow their app business, we host monthly developer meetups across the world. Check out this great talk by David Jones, CEO at StreetHawk on 'How Top Apps Use Engagement Automation to Drive Growth'.

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  Ad Network Mediation  
  All You Need To Know About Ad Network Mediation  
  Watch this to understand ad network mediation, its benefits and how to choose the right mediation platform. There's also a hands-on demo on how to Integrate InMobi with Google AdMob. Watch the video.
  Using Chat  
  Using Chat In A Non-Messaging App  
  Shannph Wong, Head of Engineering at Magnet talks about how you can use chat even in your non-messaging app to ensure that users stay engaged within your app. Watch the presentation.  
  View-Through Attribution  
  View-Through Attribution - The Missing Piece in Your Ad Strategy  

Tracking ad impressions is only the first step. The real insight comes with impression attribution or view-through attribution. There are several reasons why view-through attribution is important. Learn more.

  Mobile Backend  
  Knowing When To Build A Mobile Backend  

Do you need a mobile backend? What are pros and cons of building your own backend as compared to buying one? We dissect when you really need to build your own mobile backend. Read more.

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