CPG Marketers - Go Mobile
October 10, 2012 | by Shamala DN
It is no surprise that mobiles are changing the way consumers search, shop and interact with one another. Mobile media, the mobile web, apps and text messaging are transforming the shopping experience and the way consumers interact with brands. This has casted a range of opportunities for CPG companies to leverage mobile to grow their brands.
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Lose Weight: Tips for Trimmer, Slimmer Rich Media Ads
October 10, 2012 | by Maryam Motamedi
As we approach the holidays and you think about your exciting seasonal interactive rich media ads, weight is something to consider—when running rich media ads on mobile devices, that is.

The ad’s weight has a major impact on its loading time. For the ad to run, it must have a conduit that serves the ad’s information into the smartphone. This means either going through your customer’s data network or Wi-Fi.
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Check Out this Innovative Ad Concept for "Zombify Yourself"
September 27, 2012 | by Marseille Steele
The latest mobile ad innovations today are those that leverage the interactivity and feature functionality of the device they’re on. We’ve put together a demo of what could be possible as early as 2013. In this example the ad itself uses the camera features of the iphone and social sharing on facebook.
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De-mystifying Lifetime Value - A Simplified Approach to Applying LTV to Your App Business
September 20, 2012 | by Arun Pattabhiraman
It’s not surprising that the traditional marketer‘s favourite tool has eventually found its way into an app developer’s life – sooner than expected and with good reason. Let’s face it – your app is your business and you want to measure, monitor and control the value your users bring to your business. Customer Lifetime value -CLV or LTV, as different people choose to call it- is the new metric that app developers across the world gravitate towards for measuring the effectiveness of their marketing spends and in assessing the quality of users they attract for their app.
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InMobi Wins Three Smarties Awards for Excellence in Mobile Advertising
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Canon partners with InMobi to feature wireless printing and promote contest participation


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Top App Monetization Tactics You Ought to Know
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