Retail Revolution: Mobile is Clearly Changing the Way Consumers Shop
October 10, 2012 | by Shamala DN
It is no surprise that mobiles are changing the way consumers search, shop and interact. Mobile media, the mobile web, apps and text messaging are transforming the shopping experience and the way consumers interact with brands...
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Enhanced Conversion Tracking Capabilities from InMobi Ad Tracker Using AdTruth Device Recognition
October 4, 2012
InMobi Ad Tracker, the free post-click conversion-tracking platform, which is independent from the InMobi ad network, will use AdTruth’s technology to anonymously match mobile ad clicks to downloads (on both mobile web and app campaigns) to better track and measure conversions in real time, across all advertising networks and publishers.
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Tip of the Month: How to Create Trimmer, Slimmer Rich Media Ads
October 10, 2012 | Maryam Motamedi
As we approach the holidays and you think about your exciting seasonal interactive rich media ads, weight is something to consider—when running rich media ads on mobile devices, that is.

The ad’s weight has a major impact on its loading time. For the ad to run, it must have a conduit that serves the ad’s information into the smartphone. This means either going through your customer’s data network or Wi-Fi.
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InMobi Wins Three Smarties Awards
October 16, 2012
InMobi, the leading innovator in mobile advertising and the largest independent mobile ad network, has been recognized with three 2012 Smarties™ Awards from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)—some of the most prestigious awards in the industry.
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