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Hola! We are two months into the new year, and we are sure many of you are busy cooking up new apps. We know how exciting launching a new app can be – and we also know how daunting a task it is to drive downloads and acquire high quality users for your app. Through this edition of InMobi APPetite, learn focused strategies for acquiring users, get insights into distributing your app through alternative appstores outside of Google Play, understand why you should leverage some of our high performance interstitial formats to drive installs, and explore tablets as a medium for engaging your users.  




How to Reach Alternative Appstores

While much has been said about the value of alternative appstores as a core part of your distribution strategy for your Android app, the reality is that many of these stores are still out of reach for a majority of app developers due to a number of reasons. At InMobi, our mobile experts have been hard at work trying to solve this problem and we may have cracked just the solution for you. Click here to get in touch with us to learn more.


Extending the Momentum of Your Newly Launched App

You have launched the next cool app out into the wild. Are you getting the downloads you imagined? Having a great app is essential but not always sufficient in driving downloads magically and acquiring a large user base. However, there is a method to this madness, as you will learn from this blog series by a member of our Product Marketing team. Click here to learn more.


InMobi Announces Unity Plugin for Our Lifetime Value Platform

Unity makes strength goes the old adage. Our product managers chose to imbibe that with a twist - by popular demand from the Unity developer community, we have recently launched a unity plugin for our incredibly popular InMobi Lifetime Value Platform. If you are a Unity developer and have been waiting for this, your wait has come to an end. Click here to learn more.

We're also holding a webinar to share techniques on maximizing app revenues and will demonstrate how to integrate the LTVP platform into your app using the Unity plugin. 

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Thursday, March 7
10am PST
1 hour session


Have You Tried an Interstitial Ad for Your App Yet?

Interstitials are where it's at, say our experts! There are several reasons why we think interstitials are highly effective. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, InMobi interstitials are the next big thing. Click here to find out more.


Case study : InMobi’s Dynamic Feed Feature Drives 37% Install Rate for Bloomberg App

The Dynamic Feed component in the InMobi Studio platform is a great addition to the existing array of features and components available to designers and advertisers. It allows advertisers to pull in dynamic data from various sources via API. This data can be used to add context, give relevant information, or allow for crowd participation. Click here to learn how this feature drove 37% conversion for Bloomberg.


The Rise and Rise of Tablet Impressions

The past year saw a phenomenal rise in tablet impressions across the world and it was no different for the InMobi network. The tablet is now reaching the masses and is fast becoming an important screen for multi-device users. Click here to get first hand insights into this burgeoning medium for app advertisers.


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