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2015 Developer Trends
Mobile advertising could change your game during upcoming sporting seasons like the Super Bowl or March Madness. But won't your audiences be glued to larger screens? What type of audiences will you reach if you choose mobile advertising? How can you target them? We've got some answers.
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  What Consumers Do Right After They Watch Oscar-Nominated Movie Trailers  
  87% of them turn on their phones right after. As Oscar fever hits, your brand needs to understand moviegoers and what they do on mobile. Our research research in partnership with the IAB has your brand screenplay all laid out for you.  
  In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, "If you were waiting for the opportune moment..." needn't wait anymore to cater to your perpetually connected consumers and the various moments they experience with mobile. You're just one video or readaway from effectively marketing in the moment to your brand audience.  
  What Brands Like Budweiser, Doritos And Esurance Have In Common - And How You Can Use It For Sporting Seasons  
  AdAge suggests that the value of Superbowl advertising is magnified by building momentum ahead of the game. We couldn't agree more. With core mobile audiences like NFL enthusiasts available for direct and programmatic buys with InMobi. Read more  
  Quick Fixes: What We Can Learn From Past Sporting Event Ads  
  History repeats itself, and Super Bowl Sunday is no exception. We pored through past Super Bowl campaigns to understand when consumers are looking at their phones during a game, how many responded to commercials, using mobile, and how many consumers ignored more than 30 minutes of the game!  
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