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MAY 2013


After the launch of App Publish at GDC in March, the InMobi product teams continued to have a busy April, releasing several new products to help developers enhance their monetization across platforms. These include an UDID-independent SDK 370 for iOS, a new Windows 8 SDK, and the new InMobi Diagnostics tool. Read this month’s edition of InMobi APPetite to learn how you can use each of these to improve your app business. Don't forget to check out our latest case study on Ruzzle, which received exclusive coverage on Pocket Gamer!



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Case Study : How InMobi Increased Ruzzle's eCPMs in Italy by 20%

Swedish developer MAG Interactive has been riding high with its word game, Ruzzle. Popularity still has to be converted into revenue, and with a relatively IAP-light experience like Ruzzle, that means turning freeloading eyeballs into cash via mobile advertising. Click here to read this exclusive coverage from Pocket Gamer on how InMobi helped Ruzzle meet its monetization goals in Italy. 

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Launching SDK 370: A New, Improved and Non-UDID iOS Ads SDK

With Apple announcing that UDID deprecation will be completed starting May 1, we released our latest version of the iOS ads SDK that completes our move away from UDID that was initiated in version 350. We believe that this is a step in the right direction for the industry that will help protect end user privacy while still enabling advertisers to safely target users. Read more.

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InMobi Diagnostics – A New Tool for Developers to Improve Monetization

At InMobi we are constantly working on making it easy for our customers/partners to integrate faster and make life easier. Sending more information as part of an ad request improves monetization but is not always easy. To tackle this problem, we built a new tool named InMobi Diagnostics.. We are very excited to share this with all of you, and as always look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Read more to find out how InMobi Diagnostics can help you.


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New Monetization SDK on the Windows 8 Platform Available Today

At InMobi, we are leading the charge of architecting innovative ad monetization solutions for developers. With 50,000+ apps on the Windows 8 App Store, a vast majority of them being free, we saw a clear need for a viable monetization solution for developers on the Windows platform. Click here to find out more about our new windows 8 SDK.

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Top 3 Mistakes Developers Make While Monetizing Their Tablet App

Tablets provide a much higher and superior monetizing opportunity when compared to smartphones. Since tablets generally have more premium and high value users, tablet-optimized apps can make 3-4x more money for a developer. Click here to learn the top 3 usual suspects that result in a decreased monetization for tablet app developers.

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Social Apps: Ride the Global Wave of NHN Line & More

In 2012, Facebook and What’s App dominated the social networking space on mobile devices, accounting for 85% of usage in North America and securing #1 position in most markets. In 2013, Asian Newbies such as Line and Kakao have redefined social networking on mobile. So, what’s the difference between Skype and Line? And why do some apps grow much faster in Asian markets than others? Click here to learn some best practices to make your social app a whopping global success.


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