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Phew, what a roller-coaster ride 2012 was for the mobile world! With Android beating iOS as the largest mobile platform, the launch of iPad Mini, Microsoft’s attempt to resurrect itself with Windows 8 and the total number of smartphones surpassing 1 billion globally, 2012 has been a benchmark year for the mobile industry. The ride has been equally exciting for InMobi. We re-affirmed our focus on becoming a one-stop shop for app developers through our acquisitions of MMTG Labs, Overlay Media and Metaflow Solutions as well as our more recent launch of the InMobi Lifetime Value Platform. Our team of passionate mobile experts is hard at work to make this vision come true - and loving every moment of it! Here’s wishing the entire developer community the best of luck, glory and gold in 2013! And to get things rolling, here's our first developer webinar of the year:

Webinar: Double Your Downloads

Join our webinar for a rundown of the top tactics and techniques to market your mobile app and build your userbase. You'll also learn why smart targeting can maximize your app's exposure, how to use different ad formats to reach different demographics and the key details to include when promoting your app.

5 Essentials to Get More Downloads for Your Mobile App

Wednesday, Jan 30th
10am - 11am PST
1 hour session





InMobi Insights: The Inspiration Issue

As you plan your mobile strategy in 2013, we hope to inspire you by showing examples of our network in action with our most influential and effective ads powered by the InMobi platform. Click here to flip through our The Inspiration Issue.


Mobile Trends for 2013

As we zoom towards 2013, we thought we’d ask mobile experts the world over what surprised them about the past year, what they expected in the coming year and what they think needs a bit more attention. Click here to read the complete set of mobile trend predictions for the new year.


The New ‘SMS’ in Smartphones

Of the huge number of apps available, gaming and utility apps have traditionally dominated the app download charts the world over and India in particular. But with changing user preferences, other categories of apps are emerging as strong contenders. Data suggests that smartphone users in India are now moving towards a new set of what we call ‘SMS’ apps – Sports, Media and Social apps. Click here to learn more.


Mobile Gaming in Taiwan: Transcending Global Barriers with InMobi

The 2012 Game App Developer Conference held last month in Taipei brought together over 250 attendees across mobile game developers, investors and other industry stakeholders to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges that the Taiwanese developer community presents. Click here to understand some of the nuances of this unique market.


FAQ: InMobi Lifetime Value Platform

As part of last month's launch of InMobi Lifetime Value Platform, we hosted a webinar for a deep-dive into the product (here's the video). Given the large number of questions that came in, we did not have time to answer all of them during the live session, so we are addressing them in this blog post.


Conduit: Delivering 10 Billion Events Daily in Real-time

At InMobi large amounts of data are generated by online serving systems every second. This could be impressions clicks, downloads or any other kinds of events. This data is used for different business applications like billing, reporting, business intelligence, machine learning, real-time analytics, and real-time feedback loops. Our team of uber-cool engineers not only built a solution to collect the huge number of events data from online systems, we actually open-sourced it! Click here to learn more.


Upcoming Developer Events

Jan 10 · Las Vegas · Developer University at CES 2013

Jan 24 · London · Mobile Games Forum

Jan 30 · Webinar · 5 Essentials to Get More Downloads for Your Mobile App

Feb 25 · Barcelona · Mobile World Congress 2013

Feb 28 · Barcelona · WIPJam at MWC 2013


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