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October 2013

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In 2013, over 50 Mn app installs were delivered for top developer and gaming studios on the InMobi ad network. This has helped us collect deep insights on the business of app marketing that can help you make the right decisions when you are looking to acquire high quality users for your app. We are happy to announce today the release of our new App Insight Report, that summarizes unique trends and insights based on the analysis of over 7000 app promotion campaigns that ran on our network in Q2 2O13. Be it scaling user acquisition, driving user engagement or optimizing user lifetime value (LTV) this report offers valuable and practical advice to developers looking to tackle these challenges. Take a look.

We also recently launched our latest Ad SDK 400 for iOS7 and Android Jelly Bean 4.3. With this SDK, you now have access to innovative ad formats, built-in analytics and cool user segmentation & cross-promotion tools. Btw, if you have a cool new app, then let the world know! Subscribe for our App Spotlight Program ( see details below) and we'll feature you on our digital properties that reach over 70,000 influential people in the community!

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App Insight Report: Over 50 Million App Installs Delivered by InMobi This Year

As app developers, you’ve spent time designing, developing and delivering your app. Now you are on the brink of beginning the next important phase – acquiring users. But the mobile app ecosystem is a highly competitive marketplace and carving out your niche isn't easy. This is where the InMobi App Insight Report comes in.

As part of the first edition of this report, we have analyzed and researched thousands of app promotion campaigns that ran on our network. We present to you data that is visually arresting, quantitatively significant and vital to your app’s success. We’ve selected global data to arm you with knowledge of the top trends in app promotion campaigns that can help you effectively drive app downloads globally. Aligning your app with these insights will make your product stand out in the vast ecosystem and give your app that competitive edge!


Launching SDK 400 for iOS 7 and Android Jelly Bean 4.3

We are pleased to announce the release of InMobi Ad SDK 400. Our SDK comes loaded with new enhancements designed to exceed your expectations. From newer ad units to in-built analytics, this SDK focuses on improving monetization and enhancing your user’s in-app experience. Available for iOS 7 and Android 4.3

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Get your app featured by InMobi!

We know your apps are cool, so we want the world to hear about them! Our new App Spotlight program is designed to give your app the attention it deserves. Get your apps featured on our blog and developer newsletter APPetite, which goes out to ~70k developers, publishers, investors and other industry folks. Read More to see how you can participate!



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Will the real user please stand up: Identifying and targetting audience segments.

Mobile advertising’s promise lies in truly enabling marketers to connect with the right individual at the right time and in the right place. The User is key to targeting the right individual and is central to driving the mobile advertising revolution. The technological challenge lies in identifying users and their personas as they engage with a multitude of internet-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, consoles in cars, smart-watches, and wearable devices like Google Glass. Read More.




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upcoming Webinar

upcoming webinar


Missed our Webinar on Maximizing ad revenues with InMobi Ad SDK400? We've got your back.

The 7 Sins of Mobile Ad Monetization.

Oct 30th 2013 @ 10am PDT

Looking Beyond Traditional Targeted Advertising

Nov 12th 2013 @ 10am PDT

#LINK Watch REcording #LINK REgister #LINK REgister


10 things you need to know about Mobile Marketing.

As the mobile juggernaut rolls on, fundamental shifts are taking place in the way consumers use mobile devices (moving from feature phones to smartphones) and consume content (rich media, multi screening). Phalgun Raju, VP and GM for India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, InMobi in this MEF article talks about these changes and the top 10 things that we need to know about mobile marketing. Read More.



Upcoming Developer Events

October 21-23. San Francisco -  GMIC Silicon Valley

October 22-23. London - Apps World 2013

October 23-25. Kyiv - Casual Connect

November 14-16. Busan - GStar 2013

Company News

Industry reaction to IAB report showing spike in mobile ad spend: InMobi
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InMobi launches new ad formats                  details »


InMobi Expands Executive Team in New York as Company Ramps up North American Operations    details »

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