What it’s like working in InMobi Technology and the PIE Team

Sanjay Kharb

Sanjay Kharb on February 15, 2015

WOW! Three letters that define my 4 months stint in the technology team at InMobi. It has been one of the most wonderful, enthralling and awesome time. There are endless opportunities and the passion to be the best in globe just flows down the veins in each and every team. Thought to pen down my views on what does InMobi technology and my division PIE stands for.

At the outset, getting in was a tedious task and after a dozen rounds of interviews spread over 6 months, I got the break that I had been aspiring for. It meant a schism from the e-commerce world towards the mobile advertising world. While there were similarities with my earlier role like same scale of networks, global data centers, spread, servers and multi-geography teams… however the scale, efficiency and in-depth technology focus was comprehensively different. The DNA of engineers at InMobi is all about creating terrific, massively scalable platforms that can deliver an ad in sub 50ms latency. Quoting from an article by our Product Head, Piyush Shah "The mobile advertising space continues to evolve at breakneck speed and demands agility, adeptness and endurance all at once -- not just to survive the pace of changes, but also to lead them from the front.”(https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/year-inmobi-fast-furious-fun-piyush-shah). This aptly describes the challenges for the technology development and its production handling. The core of all our technology initiatives is around the humongous PetaByte scale of User data. We have profound understanding of our users.

It is sheer pride to handle the scale of Production system at InMobi. Petabyte scale BigData, 1 Billion mobile users, 6 Billion ads/day, 3 Trillion events ingested per day, 7 TB new data added per day. Our 30 odd databases handled 500 Billion transactions last year, the network handles 3000k packets/sec, 2 Million metrics/ minute collected thus captures how the Production is behaving. I have inherited a very passionate, solid , super skilled PIE team and it is just great fun on how we all work together towards building the most resilient, scalable Production systems, datacenters, self serve platforms.

At InMobi, engineers are treated with tremendous respect and the environment fosters creativity, teamwork which leads to great innovation. The Engineering environment at InMobi is what most companies strive for, however difficult to attain. Here engineers are given their space, empowered and included in Product and Architecture discussion to influence and build platforms. This is further bolstered by the focus on individual career growth plan, mentoring, training and learning Wallet. And finally, the work culture promotes work-life balance. All this makes InMobi as a great place for Engineers to work and shape the largest global product company headquartered in India.

Its wonderful to see such warmth and greeting by the entire leadership and executive team. The world is heading into a time of great possibilities and technology change, and companies with the right Engineers in driving seat will enjoy many opportunities, as a new generation of technology led business leadership emerges. InMobi is making great strides in Mobile ecosystem and its on the cusp of creating a whole new world of mobile user experience. I look forward to this breathtaking and intriguing new journey.