Enterprise Grade Deployment and Security with PostgreSQL


Himanchali on April 02, 2015

PGConf US is organised by United States PostgreSQL Association every year to grow the PostgreSQL community. It's good gathering of PostgreSQL developers , different contributors , DBA , users and learners.

PGConf US 2015 conference had 3 days session including new releases, features, live use cases and future scope of PostgreSQL. My session (http://www.pgconf.us/2015/event/87/) was on 'Enterprise grade deployment and security with PostgreSQL'. In this 50 minute session, I talked about how we have used Postgres in our production to handle our application needs in an efficient way. It also includes what standards need to be followed for proper DB deployment and security aspects that we have adopted and what extra features Postgres is providing. Other than use of existing features, what are future expectations in terms of scaling and feature enhancement.